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Hey there, welcome to my blog. I started writing this a while back but got immidiate writers block when considering the question: why?

With all the blogs already out there, why blog?

Well, here are a few of my reasons: to find and give inspiration. To find and share knowledge. To find and reach others. To create.To mix. To give. To remix. To exchange ideas. To enjoy camaraderie and debate.

And really lets face it, even with the best intentions its quite literally impossible to keep in touch with everyone. 21st century life is quite hectic. What with exercising adequately (yeah..right) eating healthily (ahem…) work, trying to have a social life…ok enough excuses, but it is hectic..honest.

This website is solely designed to inform friends and family (and anyone else who is interested) what I have been up to and my thoughts in general.


About Sarah

I am a mental health nurse with 10 years experience working with people with a lived experience and their carers. I have very little interest in focusing on what is wrong with people and prefer to focus on people's aspirations and what is right with them. I care about equality and the small things that remind us of the bigger picture. I love art, music, novel ideas, psychology, science and the way in which these various entities intersect. I am blogging in an entirely personal capacity. My views do not reflect my employer's.


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I am a mental health nurse turned manager who enjoys live music and gadgets. I have recently taken up photography as a way to keep sane whilst I am studying for my Msc in Health Care Management.

I am very passionate about my work which I find rewarding and enlightening. I am blogging in an entirely personal capacity. My views do not reflect those of my employer.

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