Geez. Time sure does fly. It’s been a crazy year and I have finally managed to claw back 5 minutes to write about it. Being that it’s my last year in my 20’s I couldn’t let it pass without sharing some personal insights. In the past year I have experienced both highs and lows in my work and personal life. From losses through heart wrenching bereavements and break ups to happier family reunions, new citizenship, job promotion and house moves (and the inevitable excuse to re-decorate – ikea!). So in a nutshell, there has been a lot of life lessons that will undoubtedly remain etched on my grey matter.

More recently, I have been awarded the National Leadership Council’s Emerging Leader Bursary to produce a health 2.0 resource (more about that in the Leadership Section) and I am a day away from starting my Msc in Health Management. Phew. Even just writing it down makes me tremble from the amount of work and enormity of the responsibility I am undertaking as there is money, reputation and my career on the line.

Nevertheless, I am filled with a sense of anticipation for the challenges to come. I think they will require a precarious balance between caution and risk taking. Will I make mistakes? Hell yeah. But what is life if not lived to the full despite uncertainty? Last famous words? Maybe. Will just have to try and see.

What the Deuce??