Now people who know me also know that I am a tad obsessed when it comes to IKEA. Yes I admit it. I have driven to IKEA at near enough midnight, walked around the isles for hours only to end up just buying a tin opener or something seemingly insignificant. But I see it as time well used. I have always loved the design concepts on show and used many of them as inspiration for my own living spaces.  And now I am equally loving the photography in IKEA‘s latest recipe bookHembakat är Bäst”.

Inside the book, individual ingredients take as much of the centre stage as the finished product. IKEA state that they were inspired by Japanese minimalism to present graphic still-life portraits on a warm and colourful stage.

“We wanted to ensure a connection between IKEA’s kitchen appliances and one of the best things you can do in a kitchen, some great baking. So the main attraction in the campaign became a 140 page coffee-table baking book presented in a very visually unique and spectacular way.

90% of all the photographs taken in baking books look extremly alike. We wanted to try something different and present the recipes in a totally new fashion.”