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I woke up to a great surprise this morning. Sadly it wasn’t breakfast in bed but it came close second to delivering a similarly good feeling:  I woke up to a call informing me that I have been awarded a scholarship to attend TEDMED 2012 in Washington DC on 11-13 April. The TEDMED conference boasts an array of innovative thinkers and doers who have a shared passion for health and medicine.

This video gives a short summary of the purpose and scope of the conference:

My reasons for applying for the TEDMED scholarship are many but principally all to do with my keen interest in meeting people with a differing background and different views on the future of health.

Whilst I am looking forward to listening to the renowned speakers, I am even more so excited about talking to other delegates and finding out what brings them to TEDMED and how the conference might influence their lives and work. I will make sure I use periods at the conference when I am not enthralled to update the blog and tweet an update or 2.



About Sarah

I am a mental health nurse with 10 years experience working with people with a lived experience and their carers. I have very little interest in focusing on what is wrong with people and prefer to focus on people's aspirations and what is right with them. I care about equality and the small things that remind us of the bigger picture. I love art, music, novel ideas, psychology, science and the way in which these various entities intersect. I am blogging in an entirely personal capacity. My views do not reflect my employer's.



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I am a mental health nurse turned manager who enjoys live music and gadgets. I have recently taken up photography as a way to keep sane whilst I am studying for my Msc in Health Care Management.

I am very passionate about my work which I find rewarding and enlightening. I am blogging in an entirely personal capacity. My views do not reflect those of my employer.

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