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UK Digital Health Report


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Things I Tell Myself Everyday

In todays ever more regulated and scrutinised healthcare environment, it is very easy to throw our arms up and give up on innovation. Here are things I tell myself daily to fight that temptation. Continue reading

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The myth of the rational patient

Originally posted on Betabetic:
(and the rational doctor). There is no disputing the fact that the pressure on the open doors of the NHS – primary care, urgent and emergency care – is unmanageable. One recurring cry from GPs and A&E staff is that they are seeing ‘the wrong people’ – that one patient takes…

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Are health messages ever social?

Originally posted on Clear message:
I’m excited about taking part in my first #nhssm chat in quite a long time. On Wednesday 11 March – NHS Change Day – we’ll be talking about how the NHS can use social media to deliver tricky messages to different audiences. The chat starts from 8pm on the #nhssm hashtag.…

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Why public sector IT is like a fart

Originally posted on thinkpurpose:
A council faced with an IT product WILL buy it in the end. It’s like holding in a fart. Sooner or later it’s going to happen, and nothing can hold it back forever.

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My NHS Christmas

Originally posted on Big Up the NHS:
#MyNHSChristmas Christmas is a very special time of year for the NHS. There are poignant juxtapositions of celebration and sadness, pleasure and pain, excitement and fear. The staff who work over the holiday period may miss out on a family Christmas but they try to bring a little…

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The Guide to the Future of Medicine: Technology AND The Human Touch

Originally posted on ScienceRoll:
I see enormous technological changes heading our way. If they hit us unprepared, which we are now, they will wash away the medical system we know and leave it a purely technology–based service without personal interaction. Such a complicated system should not be washed away. Rather, it should be consciously and…

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Analogue world, Digital time

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Why The Death Of The Office Can’t Come Too Soon

Originally posted on Paul Taylor:
“We literally followed people around all day and timed every event [that happened in the office], to the second. That meant telephone calls, working on documents, typing e-mails, or interacting with someone. What we found is that the average amount of time that people spent on any single event before being…

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How Do We Define Effective Impact Of Research Knowledge?

Originally posted on KMbeing:
Impact can be defined as: a powerful or major influence or effect; a force or impression of one thing on another – or an economic, social or cultural change or benefit to the quality of life within society. If we apply this to the potential impact of research – impact can be…

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I am a mental health nurse turned manager who enjoys live music and gadgets. I have recently taken up photography as a way to keep sane whilst I am studying for my Msc in Health Care Management.

I am very passionate about my work which I find rewarding and enlightening. I am blogging in an entirely personal capacity. My views do not reflect those of my employer.

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