As someone who lacked confidence in my ability to lead, I often consider others to have been and continue to be my source of inspiration and motivation. When you meet someone who is confident and inspirational who has integrity, it’s like a light bulb switches on inside.

It takes strength and courage to develop and sustain the type of respect for people that means that you are continually striving to empower and develop others for the better good of all. I am fortunate enough to have met people who had these exact qualities and encouraged me to develop my confidence and my leadership abilities.

The journey for me started when I and 23 other individuals completed a five week Breaking Through: Transformational Leadership Programme (not a course!) last year. The programme is transformative alright. Since completing the programme, most of us would say our radius of positive influence has continued to grow. Leadership is crucial given the trying times we are facing in terms of recovering from the recession and the inevitable public sector budget cuts.

Health is something that affects us all. All of us will need access to one health provider or another at some point in our lives. People are living longer and the demand on health care is growing whilst resources remain the same or face cuts. This disparity calls for no less than exceptional leadership to drive innovative, consumer focused and preventative initiatives to promote health and reduce health disparities between the rich and poor as well as different ethnicities.

I have decided to play my part by not shying away from responsibility and by undertaking a project to explore the use of technology (health 2.0) in health promotion and health provision.

I am a rookie to all this so it is bound to be quite a lot of learning (some of which might be painful!) which I plan to share.

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